Monday, March 1, 2010

G. Gauld

This must be George W. G. Gauld, son of George R. Gauld who served as a fighter pilot in the Royal Flying Corps as a Lieutenant.  He had a total of 5 victories flying an S.E.5 as part of the 74th "Tiger" Squadron.  He appears to have enlisted directly into the Royal Flying Corps and so does not have attestation paper in the Canadian forces. 

According to The Mimico Story he went on to study law at Osgoode Hall and in addition to practising law served as Mimico's town solicitor for 40 years.  He was married to Irene Davidson, daughter of Douglas Davidson the local Justice of the Peace.  Her brother Bryce Davidson was shot down over Germany on July 2, 1918 and killed. 

George W. G. Gauld died suddenly on October 28, 1964 at his home 2622 Lake Shore Blvd. West in Mimico and is buried in Parklawn Cemetery. 

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