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Sister Sarah Cannon

courtesy of British Journal of Nursing - June 10 1916

According to her Officers Declaration Paper, dated July 5, 1917, Sarah Ann Cannon of Church Street, Mimico, Ontario was born on October 15, 1879 in Toronto.  She listed her father Thomas E. Cannon, Church Street, Mimico as her next of kin.  She was a trained nurse and had spent one year with the French Flag Nursing Corps.

Prior to enlisting in the Canadian Services, Sarah Cannon joined the French Flag Nursing Corps.  In May 1916 Sarah Cannon led a contingent of nurses to France to work in French Military Hospitals.

The following was in the May 13, 1916 issue of The British Journal of Nursing:

The second Canadian Unit, selected by the War Committee of the Canadian National Association of Trained Nurses, sailed from Montreal on May 9th, and The Committee of the F.F.N.C. greatly appreciates the public spirit of the National Association of Canadian Nurses, and the generosity of the Canadian public in financing the units. As each nurse costs the War Committee 350.00 dollars (travelling expenses to and fro to London being provided) and sixteen nurses having now been sent, it will be realised how handsome a sum has been contributed through the National Association towards the relief of suffering in French Military Hospitals through the F.F.N.C.

The following is the list of nurses of the 2nd Unit :- (I) Miss Sadie Jackson, (2) Miss Ruth Craig, (3) Miss Ferne Crysler, and (4) Miss Annie Gardiner, all graduates of the Western Hospital, Toronto; (5) Miss Florence Irwin, graduate Rochester General Hospital, New York; and (6) Miss Sarah Cannon, graduate St. Luke’s Hospital, New York.

The following was in the May 27, 1916 issue of The British Journal of Nursing:

The Corinthian from Montreal came to dock at Tilbury on Monday evening and thus brought safely to London the Second Canadian Unit of six highly trained nurses for service with the French Flag Nursing Corps in France. Miss Sarah Cannon, Graduate of St. Luke's Hospital, New York, was in charge of the little party, and is the only one of them who has been in England before. Miss Ferne Crysler, Miss Florence Irwin, Miss Ruth M. Craig, Miss Anna E. Gardiner, and Miss Sadie Jackson, are all from the Province of Ontario. Mrs. Kerr-Lawson is kindly entertaining three of the unit at Queen Mary’s Hostel, where strangers are made SO much at home, and if all the formalities, in connection with passports, certificates, and uniform can be arranged, it is hoped the Sisters will go over to France next Tuesday. Miss Gladys K. S. Robson, cert. St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, who has been elected a member of the Corps, will travel at the same time.

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