Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photo of Soldiers on the Lake Shore Road

This photo was found recently in a house on MacDonald Street in Mimico.  There was no identifying information on the photo nor a date.  The building in the background was the Heather Block on the Lake Shore Road at the foot of Mimico Avenue.  It was recently demolished and the land added to the local waterfront park - Amos Waites Park.  The sign that can be seen on the building is Heather and Son Plumbing.  Wilton Heather was one of the Mimico men who enlisted in the war. 

It is not certain when this photo was taken.  Was it a group of men who had recently enlisted and were about to leave for France?  Or was it a reunion after the war?  Also, who are they?

One knowledgeable individual emailed me with the following response:

Almost certain it's a wartime training picture as the men are all in uniform - unlikely in a post war reunion and none of the men are wearing any medals/ribbons. The weather is cold as several men are wearing gloves and there is snow on the ground but no greatcoats are seen ( typical of a parade). The ages of the men tend to be either very young or old, typical of ambulance drivers/medical corps. Only one officer present in the middle with the open collar. I can also see only one corporal and no others with rank insignia. Again more likely in a training camp picture.

The picture has been staged in a spot where there are some form of risers where the back row of men are standing higher and the front row are sitting on something. I suspect the men have just been in a parade and are having their pictures taken as a group along with many other regiments/battalions at the same time. A bit too formal for a casual shot taken by a passer-by or  someone from Heather's with a friend in the group.  Note the wannabee in the back row. One of Heather's employees? - One in  every crowd! :-))

Could it have been the 220th Battalion which held a church parade in Mimico in May 1916?  Seems unlikely given the weather conditions apparent in the photo.  Many Mimico men were members of the 12th Regiment, York Rangers which became part of the 220th Battalion.

If you have any information on the photo or can identify any of the individuals please let me know at mimicohistory at hotmail.com.

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