Monday, October 25, 2010

Mimico Church Memorials

Many of the churches in Mimico during the time of the First World War contain Rolls of Honour for the members of their congregations that fought and died in the conflict.  The following names are taken from the various church histories that I have copies of.

Mimico Methodist Church (Wesley United Church)

Louis Andrews
Geo. Bailey
Earl Barlow (killed in action) (name should be Carl)
Robert Barlow
G. Batstone
Howard Batstone
K. Bridges
Ernest Brown
Manley G. Chisholm
James Cochrane
Gordon Edgar
Gordon Ferrier, M.D
Victor A. Ferrier (killed in action)
John Flowers
S. Gillham
Moses Griffiths
A. Ed. Harlock
Norman Harlock
Walter Harlock
Walter Harper
Charles Heather
W. Heather
Robert Hendry (killed in action)
William Hendry
Ernest Hogg
W. Hoskins
Joseph Hunter
W. Hutchins
Alfred James
Charles Johnson
Cecil Johnston
Gordon Johnson (killed in action)
Horace Lanchbury
Percy Lanchbury
C. Lewis
C. Lovring
J. Lubbock
Clifford McRea (killed in action)
W. Mason
Ed. C. Morgan (killed in action)
John Morgan (killed in action)
Wm. Munson
Erskine Odgen
Allen Parker, M.D. (killed in action)
Charles Parker
Roy Parker
Abram Pike
Wm. Porter
Henry Rose
Walter Shirley
Herbert Simmonds
A. W. Smith
Ernest Stirk

G. Tizzard (killed in action)
S. Tyrell
Kenneth Warner
Walter West
Richard Williams

Christ Church

I think that the Christ Church list only includes those that were killed in action as opposed to all those who enlisted.

C. H. Blake (killed in action)
T. Burn (killed in action)
J. Coulton (killed in action)
W. J. Higgins (killed in action)
A. Hockney (killed in action)
E. Hogg (killed in action)
J. McKinstry (killed in action)
Jno Neale
A. Riddlesworth (killed in action)
C. Stoot (killed in action)
N. Telford (killed in action)
W. G. Tizzard (killed in action)
L. Wood (killed in action)

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